Tree Care

Providing all your tree care needs with a friendly, knowledgeable and skilled staff we take care of your trees from root to tip.

Our services include:

 Hazard Tree Identification-As certified arborists we  can help you manage the trees on your property and can provide treatments that may help make your tree safer, reducing the risk associated with hazardous trees.

hazard tree











Pruning- This includes thinning, deadwood removal, hazard pruning , sucker removal, fruit removal, vertical clearance, horizontal clearance, end weight reduction for heavy branches and bracing/cabling/bolting.









Arborist reports-  an independent report prepared by a qualified professional arborist containing specific observations and information on tree identification, size, condition, location, tree health. It may also include: recommended actions, potential impacts of development, and mitigation measures relating to one or more trees on an individual lot or project site. The report may require

amendments as conditions change over time. The report may address specific requirements for a project or jurisdiction as defined by the American Society of Arboriculture.












Tree Inventory with GPS mapping option- Trees are valuable community assets, helping clean the air, reduce storm water runoff, decrease energy use and costs, and increase property values. Tree Technologies can help you maximize that green investment by actively managing it through a tree inventory.

Our tree inventories are completed by trained Certified Arborists using handheld computers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, and/or Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment.

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Tree Removal- Although unfortunate there are several circumstances when tree removal becomes necessary. Dead or dying trees pose a significant risk to the environment they are surrounded by.  Oftentimes an  pests and disease, inclement weather or prolonged drought can  cause severe decline and even death and tree removal is the safest option.

Other circumstances can also dictate whether or not a tree needs to be removed.  Improper placement (to close to a structure, under a power line), non compatible tree species (planting water loving cool weather trees in a hot dry environment) or structurally unsound trees (significant decay, co dominate branches, included bark) may need to be removed.  Let Tree Technologies certified arborist help you determine whether your trees need to be removed and then let us do the work.











Tree Planting- Trees are  primarily planted for their beauty and to provide shade but they do create many other benefits. Trees are soothing  and relaxing us and help us connect to nature and our surroundings. The color green – is a calming, cool color that helps your eyes quickly recover from strain. By planting and caring for trees, you help improve your surrounding, reduce pollution, lower energy costs, improve the appearance of your community and increase the value of your property.










Landscape consultation- Perfect for homeowners or Small Businesses who need design ideas and expertise for a specific area of their garden or general suggestions on how to achieve a more cohesive look.Landscape consultation will provide an assessment of the area in question, Identify the current problems the property owner is dealing with and then propose a plan based on environmentally sound practices that integrate existing features with new ideas and plant material.

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Fire-scaping- Fire-scaping is landscape design that  reduces house and property  vulnerability to wildfire. The goal is to develop a landscape with a design and choice of plants that offer the best defensible space and enhance the property. The ideal is to surround the house with things that are less likely to burn. It is imperative when building homes in wildfire prone areas that fire safety be a major factor in landscape design. Appropriate manipulation of the landscape can make a significant contribution toward wildfire survival.